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Talking Points


Pop Warner Little Scholars: Pop Warner’s Stance on Banning Tackle Youth Football


Youth Football Online: Why Banning Tackle Football Before The Age of 12 Makes No Sense

Is Flag Football Safer? Flag Football Helmets

New York Post: The Move to ban tackle football is based on fear, not fact!   

Rich Thomaselli: Banning tackle youth football for youths is just absurd. 

IOL News: How letting teens feast on junk food could give them brain damage.  (Shouldn’t law makers be more concerned about kids poisoning their brain by eating crappy food?)

Centers for Disease Control: Childhood Obesity Rate 

Yahoo: Lawsuit Against Pop Warner Dismissed.   


The Science


Science Daily: No Link Found Between Youth Contact Sports and Cognitive, Mental Health Problems

CDC: Trends in Emergency Department Visits for Contact Sports–Related Traumatic Brain Injuries Among Children 


Oxford Academic, Brain, A Journal of Neurology: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Neuropathology Might not be Inexorably Progressive or Unique to Repetitive Neurotrauma

US National Library of Medicine: Current Understanding of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

USA Today Network: Brain Injuries and Concussion: Legislation must Draw From Science 

Inside Science: New Report Assesses State of Concussion Research in Youth Sports  

Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine: Injury is more likely to occur in youth flag football than in youth tackle football 

Science Daily: Play Sports for a Healthier Brain 

CDC: Emergency Department Visits for Injuries Sustained During Sports and Recreational Activities 

NCBI: Mild Chronic Traumatic Ecephalopathy Neuropathology in People with no Known Participation in Contact Sports or History of Repetitive Neurotrauma 

Science Daily: Largest Study of CTE Finds it in 6% of Subjects

Save Youth Football New York Resources



Concussion Expert: Should Youth Football be Banned Before the age of 12?

Youth Football Online: Why We Disagree with the Proposed Youth Football Ban (NJ Measure A3760)

Baltimore Sun: Football Brain Study Flawed

Dr. Peter Cummings: I’m a Brain Scientist and I let my son Play Football

American Council on Science and Health: Be Skeptical: Will 99% of NFL Players Really Develop CTE?

Parent’s Choice

The Chain Crew Podcast (MUST LISTEN) : A New York Mother’s Take on Banning Tackle Youth Football

Red Stick Mom: Families Need Football