Contact Your Rep!

About the Proposed Tackle Youth Football Ban

Assemblymen Michael Benedetto is the primary sponsor of this bill. 

Contact him and tell him to pull the bill! 

District Office
3602 E. Tremont Ave.
Suite 201
Bronx, NY 10465
District Office
177 Dreiser Loop, Rm. 12
Bronx, NY 10475
Albany Office
LOB 836
Albany, NY 12248


Bill # A02692 is currently in the health committee. It goes to vote in January 2020. We need to get majority of these committee members to vote No and the bill be killed in the assembly.

Health Committee Members

These are the Health Committee Members that are voting on this proposed ban. We need at least 14 of these 26 members to vote NO. This will kill the bill in it’s tracks. It’s important that these members feel the heat, we all need to reach out to them call them, email them, contact them via social, these are the people we need to target. If you live in any of these districts you must reach out to them.

If this bill passes the health committee if goes to the assembly and senate for vote. If it passes there it goes to the governors desk to be signed into law. The goal here is to get this killed in the health committee.

What Can you do?

  1. Contact your local representative and tell them why you disagree with this proposed bill. Via: Email, Phone, and Social Media
  2. Contact every single one of these committee members. Via: Email, Phone, and Social Media.
  3. Join our Save Youth Football Facebook Group. We are 6k + strong and growing every single day.
  4. Let us know if one of these assembly members have gotten back to you so that we can update our spread sheet on where they stand.

Bill Sponsors 

Here’s a link to the actual bill: A02692