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fight to save youth tackle football in NY

Help Us Defeat Bill NY A02692 (Proposed Ban on Tackle Youth Football). 


Our Mission

Our goal is to preserve and advance the game of youth tackle football in the state of New York.

About Us

A united movement of New York youth football coaches, parents and players dedicated to defending youth tackle football.

Get Involved

Join our movement to defeat NY Assembly Bill: NY A02692.
Support the freedom of youth football choice.

Science Matters (recent Studies)

“Adolescents who play contact sports, including football, are no more likely to experience cognitive impairment, depression or suicidal thoughts in early adulthood than their peers, suggests a new University of Colorado Boulder study of nearly 11,000 youth followed for 14 years.”  LINK:  ScienceDaily.com 

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy neuropathology might not be inexorably progressive or unique to repetitive neurotrauma” LINK: Oxford Academic

“Panel of experts says there is not enough evidence to give solid recommendations on many youth sports safety issues.” LINK:Inside Science 

“The move to ban kids playing tackle football is based on fear, not fact.” Link: NYPost 

“Injury is more likely to occur in youth flag football than in youth tackle football.” Link: Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine 


RESOURCES & Articles

Get informed on the latest scientific studies, rule changes, articles, and research. As a parent, you decide. 

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how you can help

Contact Your representative

Tell your NY representative that you are opposed to banning youth tackle football.

Sign The Petition

NY A02692 has over 20 sponsors and is currently being considered by the assembly. Sign and let us show strength in numbers.

Join our Efforts

Our Facebook group, 'Save Youth Football NY' is the central point of our efforts to combat this ban. Join us now!

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Thank you to our partners and supporters who have joined our fight to save youth tackle football in ny State

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